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To the Unit 4 members...

Hi everyone,

We hope everyone is doing well.

Firstly, we just want to reiterate how much everyone's support has meant to us during the closure. We do not take it for granted and can’t explain to you all how much it has meant to us. Genuinely, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Jordan and I have both been upset today and feel let down by the top levels of the CrossFit HQ organisation. When reaching out with other affiliate owners in the area, and the UK more broadly, we aren’t alone in being angry and frustrated. As many of you may have seen, after a period of silence from CrossFit HQ, Greg Glassman, the CEO of CrossFit inc. tweeted, emailed and responded with regards to, and in connection with, the tragic death of George Floyd, systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter movement. His choice of words were at best thoughtless, reckless and ignorant. At worst he spoke divisively, lacking any empathy or understanding at a time when people needed compassion and bringing together. As a 7 year CrossFit Trainer it is maddening that his words have undermined the values, beliefs and principles I know so many CrossFitters have of fairness, justice and equality.

Greg Glassman's actions on this issue are opposite and at complete odds with the inclusive, welcoming and diverse CrossFit community that there is around the world…he has let a lot of people down, including myself and Jordan who genuinely believe in all the good CrossFit can do, and continues to do with regards to health and wellness. The CrossFit community is justified to be angered and feel betrayed by this. Greg Glassman's words and actions on this issue are not CrossFit as myself and Jordan know it, and does not represent Unit 4 CrossFit Preston or what we stand for. In no way do we condone or respect his comments or attitudes. The top of the CrossFit HQ Hierarchy must be held accountable for their actions in this period. They owe it to the hundreds of fabulous trainers that work for the organisation teaching the CrossFit Methodology at seminars, the thousands of affiliate owners around the world who so deeply care about their members health and wellness, and the hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters who work day in and day out to be the fittest they can be. CrossFit at its best is not owned by one person, but belongs to the entire CrossFit community.

Whilst Greg Glassman’s actions are irresponsible, the outcry it has caused has only gone to show how ‘CrossFit’ is so much bigger than one man, or one organisation, and why it is so so much more than just a training philosophy.

CrossFit is a Training Methodology. But a CrossFit gym is also a community of people. People who know that hard work and determination go hand in hand with happiness, success and contentment. A group of people who want to push themselves to be the very best version of themselves they can be. A group who celebrate everyone else’s achievements as if they were their own. It’s a community who raises people up, supports one another, embraces uniqueness and cherishes camaraderie. It’s a celebration of being fit, well, healthy and most importantly happy...a celebration of being alive….and no matter who walks into this gym, or any CrossFit gym, everyone is welcome, accepted for who they are and high fived or fist bumped.….no matter their ability, fitness level, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or the colour of their skin. CrossFit is being human.

That’s the CrossFit that myself and Jordan love, it is the reason we opened Unit 4 and our passion for the health and wellness of the Unit 4 community won’t change. This is your home; no matter what name we have above the door.

With regards to your membership and our CrossFit Preston Affiliation, we as a gym pay a lump sum annual affiliation fee to CrossFit HQ, which we did at the start of November. No other payments go to CrossFit HQ and no more will be made to re-affiliate in November as things stand. Moving forward our affiliation as CrossFit Preston rests on substantial, meaningful change in the leadership at CrossFit HQ and a clear message and direction from CrossFit HQ that they are willing to engage positively and respectfully with the world, with decency, and as such are deserving of representing the community we love.

Until such time we are moving forward as Unit 4 and we will continue to do what we believe in.

We hope the above makes sense. If anyone would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Our very best wishes,

PH and Jord.

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